The Fifty & Fifty bookshelf

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The Fifty & Fifty bookshelf

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Much of the time, we are an office divided. We have six guys & six girls. We vary in job role, parental status (human offspring vs. dog vs. neither), and thermostat preference.

What do we have in common? We love the work we get to do for clients, and we’re always striving to get better. So to stay updated on what’s happening in the world of our craft, we read books often and browse sites much.

I recently invaded everyone’s personal space to check out what they’re reading and browsing…most were related to work.

Tracy, Jr. Web Engineer
Currently reading:
Eloquent Javascript

Daily websites:,

Non-work related book sitting on her desk:
Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

Megan, Designer
Currently reading:
Green Graphic Design
The Elements of Typographic Style

Websites she checks daily:

Headphones means she’s listening to:
Spotify. She prides herself on this list.

Javan, Creative Director (and Founder, yo)
Currently reading:
e-Myth Revisited (Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It)

Browses everyday:

During lunch, he’s often watching:
Vikings on the History Channel. Work related? Ehhh.

Krista, Sr. Writer
Book she refers to on the daily:
The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart

Websites she’s browsing:

Books in her workbag when she needs a break:
The Romantic Movement
Girl on the Train

Braden, Director of Operations
Book that currently inspires his work:
Daily sites:

Fave book & sites that have nothing to do with work:
Lamb by Christopher Moore

Ariel, Jr. Web Engineer
Favorite book related to her job:
Javascript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Websites she checks daily:
Google (self-proclaimed #1 resource)

Non-work related websites:

Bryan, VP Engineering
Currently reading:
Easy Laravel 5
Domain-driven Design

Sites he visits often:

Reading for fun (but is it?):
The Well Built Triathlete
Strength Training for Triathletes
The Power Meter Handbook

Headphones means he’s listening to:
Usually nothing. Just silence.

Leah, Web Engineer
E-newletters she reads:

Sites she checks out:

Charity crush that she spies on at work:

Lindsey, Project Manager
Her work book of choice:
Geek Girls Guide to Interactive Project Management

Daily browsing:

Non-work related book of choice:
MWF seeks BFF

Alex, Sr. Engineer
Currently reading:
You Don’t Know JS


Headphones means he’s listening to:
The “Hardcore History” podcast

Ryan, VP of Business Development
Currently reading:
The Tipping Point

Daily browsing:

Actual daily browsing:

Non-work related book (but still somehow relates):
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

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